I heard about Maskcara makeup naturally through a few influencers I was following on Instagram, and frankly - I ignored their posts. My makeup routine was fairly set. I wasn’t over the moon about the products I was using, but they did the job and I really didn’t feel like changing anything. I also was newly pregnant and quite literally had an aversion to doing my makeup for at least the first 20 weeks!

Then “pregnancy mask” (melasma - a darkening of the skin in patches on your face) hit late in my second trimester, and when I would wear makeup, my concealer wasn’t doing anything for it. It was darkest on the tops of my cheekbones and chin, so contouring or warming things up with bronzer in that area didn’t work very well. It just made the whole area one big(ger) dark patch.

Maskcara was appealing to me because I could customize my colors to 1) cover the melasma, 2) conceal rosacea I’ve always had and 3) brighten under my eyes. Seeing what others were doing with the products, I liked that I wouldn’t have to put tons of layers on my face, but could just use a different color for each thing, blend it together, and get a multi-dimensional, glowing look.

The best part is that it’s all for a fairly low, comparative cost. It’s $14 per color (I use 2 main highlight/foundation colors) instead of paying $30+ for one all over color that washes me out. I also use 1 contouring color that is also great for filling in my brows and lining my eyes. If my rosacea is calm, I will also add in a blush color that I use on my cheeks AND lips. Everything is incredibly versatile, fits in one palette, and is simple. I found it to be easy & fast to apply and also - very surprisingly - a lot of fun. It’s pretty darn satisfying to watch my natural skin get enhanced while blending away the things that aren’t working for me. It hasn’t gotten old yet!

I really recommend getting color matched with an artist before you order your colors. I’m more than happy to color match you via email (thecuratery@gmail.com) and get you setup with my recommendations. I’m totally here to hold your hand, if that’s what you want!

To get the best color match results, send me 2 pictures of yourself (1 with makeup and 1 without) in natural, indirect light from the collarbone up. When you take the pictures:

  • stand about 2.5 ft away from a window

  • make sure your neck & collarbone are exposed

  • don’t use flash + ensure there aren’t bright lights on behind you

Follow me on Instagram (@thecuratery) to see more of Maskcara in action. I post makeup looks and instructions on how to use the makeup so you can learn everything there is to know and see if it’s for you too!